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LED Striplight
LED Downlighter Bulb
LED Downlighter Bulb
PIR Sensor

Energy prices are continuously rising and the cost to both households and businesses are always on the increase. There are some really simple ways to combat these price increases the main one being LED lighting. 

People are always worried about the outlay in converting all of their existing lighting to LED and yes there is an initial cost to it but the savings on your electricity bills will soon out weigh the cost of buying the bulbs. We have set out the potential savings in the table below:

LED v Hallohen lighting Graph

Wether it's at home or at your business Stelec Electrical can help you to save money. You can either have new light fittings or retrofit LED bulbs to your existing light fittings. If this is something that you think would benefit you then we would be more than happy to come and discuss your options. Not only will it save you money but it will reduce your carbon footprint at the same time, its a no brainer really!

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